About us

Gotem Studio was founded on september 2008 by three friends who cooperated since many years making comics for publishers in France, Italy and United States.

Gotem Studio is:
Luca Malisan
Dimitri Fogolin
– www.kromolab.it
Paolo “Gomets” Francescuttopaolo-gomets.blogspot.com

Technology and reliability
We look for quality in color reproduction. Each workstation is equipped with Wacom Cintiq graphic tablets and professional displays that we calibrate regularly.
All data is stored on RAID 1 (mirror) disks, that increase fault tolerance duplicating the data in real time. The backup is planned daily, on other RAID 1 disks, placed in a different room.

All the equipment is chosen in order to keep electrical consumption at a minimum. All the electricity consumed comes completely from solar power made by photovoltaic panels on the roof of the studio.
The rooms are thermally isolated, heated by high-efficency natural gas and cooled by a geothermic and heat pump system.